Texting is better
than social media.

Texts have a 98% open-rate, compared with social media where only 2% of followers see your posts.

Social Phone makes it easy to get your fans' phone numbers, and text with them.

First, let's get a number for you.
When you communicate using Social Phone, this is the number your fans will see. Choose a US area code.
Start using Social Phone.
Text with your fans. Cancel anytime.
$12.99 /month
Unlimited texting ·
Billed to card x (change)
Post your new number publicly, everywhere.
Fans can opt-in to receive your text messages.
Text with fans one-on-one, or mass-text them all.
Give your fans a direct line to you
Connect deeper with your fans by engaging them in new ways.
  • Hey fam 👋
    My new album "Text with you" is out now. Pre-save it here: bit.ly/textwithyou
Promote releases, shows, merch and more.
  • Are you releasing your next album?
  • Yes! tomorrow.
  • What time?
Answer questions and get feedback.
  • How is everyone doing today?
  • 👍 Thanks for checking in.
  • I'm hanging in there.
Get to know your fans through conversation.
  • Thanks y'all for your support!
    Enjoy 20% off my merch store using the code: TRUEFANS bit.ly/distromerch
Offer incentives and exclusives to your top fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Social Phone work?
Once you sign up, you can pick a number and send & receive texts with your fans using one convenient inbox. Share your number publicly with your audience and create a deeper connection with your biggest fans.
Can I have more than one Social Phone Number?
For now, you can get one number with unlimited texts.
Does this work for international texts?
This number works with US and non-US fans. Though, if you are communicating with someone in another country, they may want to include the country code (+1) in the phone number when texting you back.
Got questions? Get answers.
Visit our support page for more helpful tips.
Let's find the right number for you.
We use your Social Phone number to send and
receive texts from your fans.